Wednesday, October 9, 2013

励志格言 Inspirational Words

“一枝草一点露 天无绝人之路”
“For every blade of grass, there is a drop of dew . Heaven will always leave a door open.”

A small drop of dew is enough to let a grass to survive, regardless of how small the grass is.By the same token, regardless of how weak we are, as long as we maximize our strengths and compliment weaknesses,we should able to achieve success in life.Heaven will always leave a door open, Please remember, take the failure as an inspiration and take the success as an encouragement! So please do not give up even suffering setbacks. Cheer up!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Board Games Marathon

蒙眼义走之后,我就到了海峡港口(Straits Quay)休闲购物广场参与由Hope Worldwide Center 举办的 Board Games Marathon。那时真的是太累了,但之前已买了的固本,不去的话就太浪费了!在那儿只逗留了不到一小时,说真的现场摆出的单位没有想像中的多,只做了免费的身体检查和用固本兑换了一本自制的笔记本,然后就回家休息咯!

Just right after the Walk For Sight & Sound event, I went to the Straits Quay Mall to participate Board Games Marathon organized by the Hope Worldwide Center.   
Frankly speaking, the display booth was not as much as expected. Due to exhaustion, I spent less than an hour time there, by quickly taking the free health screening and grab a nice self made note book using RM 20 purchased coupon.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

蒙眼义走 2013 Walk For Sight & Sound 2013

为了体验殘障人士在路上行走的感觉, 我兴致勃勃的报名了这次的“蒙眼义走”活动。 虽然这活动已迈入第五年, 本人这次还是第一次参加 活动当天,由于天不作美,活动延迟了些许才开始。大约有1200的人参与了这次的义走, 大家都得在全程3.8公里中戴着眼罩,兩人(或几个人)一組在互相配合下體驗視障人士在路上行走的感觉。现场有许多丰富的幸运抽奖,但到最后都不属于我的。。
In order to experience how people with disabilities walking on the road, I signed up for this interesting event for the very first time, although this event has entered its fifth year!

Due to the bad weather condition, the event was began a little delayed. About 1,200 people participated in this walk, and we went through the entire 3.8 km of wearing goggles. Most of us are in a group of two (or several people) on mutual cooperation to experience how the visually impaired people walking on the road. The lucky draw is attractive, but in the end none of them belongs to me. .





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